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послепродажное обслуживание

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A. Service commitment
1.Our company has a group of experienced engineers and senior technicians, who can repair and replace any problems that arise in the fastest time.
2.The costs incurred by the product quality during the shelf life shall be borne by our company.
3.During the shelf life, due to your improper use or caused by the natural environment, we will provide free maintenance, and the materials and accessories used for maintenance will only be collected at the cost price.
4.If on-site inspection and maintenance are not possible due to the long road, we will take a video to guide the customer to repair and replace.

B. Commitment to return and exchange goods
1.The returned product requires the complete outer packaging and accessories of the product, the manual, the warranty card, the invoice, the invoice, and the explanation of the reason for the return.
2.If the user has a quality problem under normal use, please contact our company quickly during the shelf life to facilitate the user to get timely repair and replacement.
3.Now the following situations cannot enjoy our company's return promise.
a.The product has been used abnormally.
b.Store and wet under abnormal conditions.
c.Unauthorized repair, misuse, abuse and alteration.
d.Damage caused by splashing food and liquids.
e.Normal wear and tear of the product.
f.Beyond the shelf life. | SITEMAP |

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